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You have written a beautiful book.

I just posted the following review on Barnes & Noble and on LinkedIn. I’ll seek out amazon next.


Review of “Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity”


This book has a beautiful voice. It is encouraging, gentle, and kind. It speaks to you like a good friend.

The book is about more than creativity. It’s about opening your mind to become the creative person that exists in each of us. So, instead of providing a catalog of quick techniques, this book goes deeper into the heart of creativity. It goes into the fundamental mindset that drives creativity. Once you master this, then you can use the tools like an artist.

And yes, the book also provides techniques. But the real value is in the profound wisdom about how people unfold into being creative.

I found this to be one of those rare books that deserves to be kept and cherished.

I strongly recommend this book. It belongs in any personal library.

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