The sincerity of real passion is something terribly magnetic. People are drawn to someone with passion. When I came to Southern California with nothing but the burning desire to learn to surf, it seemed the way just opened up for me. People came out of nowhere to help me achieve my simple dream. Boards were given to me, someone gave me a place to live on the beach, I found surfers who were willing to teach me. A year later, I was talking to a surfer from the East Coast; he told me that he didn’t like it here. I asked him why, and he said that he didn’t find the people too friendly. I was stunned; it was so different from my experience.

A similar thing happened to me when I went to New York to pursue a career in design, and earlier to Paris to study art; the way just opened up before me. I now believe that it is my passion that has always sustained me through every  adventure. Moreover, it is the sincerity of my passion that other people respond to; they can’t help it because it speaks to their soul. Everyone craves passion in their life; most are afraid to live their passion, but they appreciate it when they see it in another. More, they want to be near it; passion is a fire that provides warmth to all it touches.

When others see that it is possible to live a life with passion, sometimes they suddenly change direction, wake up, take action. Often they find themselves doing something that they otherwise may never have dared. It occurs to them that they have always wanted to travel, do art, take up music, build a new career, or design their own house. Life for them is no longer a collection of habits, a nest of outdated ideas, but instead an exciting horizon of possibilities.

When you take that proverbial leap of faith off the cliff of security and familiarity, your courageous act generates an enormous surge of energy; this energy comes back to you tenfold. Extreme sports addicts are a good example of this: just the adrenaline rush alone is enough to addict one to taking risks. But one doesn’t have to run a rapids or jump out of an airplane to get the surge of energy that empowers you to change your life forever. Find out what feeds your soul, what makes you feel free, what you desire in life. Then just go for it. It is as simple as that. Go for it with full passion, unafraid of what others may think or say.

The best safe deposit box for your passion is not another person, not an organization, or a cause, but something that you alone can create: a passion that can hold and sustain your interest, teach you and elicit your excitement your entire life long. It doesn’t matter what you choose; if you master the art of sustained desire and non-objectified interest, you may find yourself on the most extraordinary journey. You may continue in the same medium or you may find yourself exploring avenues beyond your wildest dreams.

Make love to your passion, everything that you create in the proper mood of passion is good because of the absolving and purifying power of your love. If others respond to your work and think it good, that is just icing on the cake. You already have your reward in the work, in your sustained passion, in the organismic moment of creation. As you invest time in your interest, you will naturally gain the skills and the control of your medium that others mistake for art, but you are already an artist. Within the tiny seed exists the whole tree.


“Action is the path in the dark forest of life, and passion is the light that illuminates our way.”

— Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr