Welcome to the beginning of the end of time

With all the changes happening everywhere, many people are alarmed. We are concerned about how our lives may be affected.

I know what it is like to see how everything that had been working suddenly not work anymore. I am here to tell you that when you see this start to happen, just let go; don’t hold onto the dead weight of your past anymore. The quicker you let things go, the easier it will be to step into your future.

And just what is your future? If you let it (allow it to happen) it will be what you have always wanted at the deepest level of your soul. Or to put it another way, it will be what is best for you. It is your chance to live the life you were meant to live, an opportunity to live a truly authentic life.

When I went through these changes a few years ago, I went through a lot of angst. My circumstances forced me to change; one by one the things that used to work for me — career, home, finances, everything — just stopped dead. I felt as if I were abandoned and alone. I could not understand why; I couldn’t even understand how.

What made it most difficult was that I seemed alone; everyone else was doing well, while I experienced the most humbling years of my life. These days, the same thing is happening to those who previously were doing well. The only difference is that we are experiencing it as a group. We are learning that there is no security, no continuity, and no future in our old lives. Those lives are dead-ends. Why? Because they don’t belong to the new paradigm that is unfolding.

The new paradigm is one of individual creativity and freedom. Creativity and freedom cannot exist inside an environment of fear; they can only grow inside a matrix of love and openness. The new paradigm will not have the kind of security that comes from amassing great stores of money, or from building a fortress against unseen enemies. Instead, we will find security in our relationships and the quality of our lives. Our assets will be counted not in cold hard cash, but in the measure of our integrity, in the health of our children and society, in the quality of our goods and services, in the inventiveness of our ideas, in the consistency of our friendships, and in the honesty of our partnerships.

Artists are scouts into the unknown; I can say that I have seen the future. I have returned from my journey to tell you that you should not be afraid.

You should not be afraid to listen to your heart and follow where it leads. Years ago, the voice of my heart was a tiny, almost inaudible voice. It was almost drowned out by my fear and by the fear in the world around me. It was difficult to hear. I was not sure what it was when I heard it speak. Sometimes I was not even sure that it wasn’t the voice of fear.

How do you know the voice of fear from the voice of the heart? Fear makes your heart and throat feel constricted. New ideas, new paths, and freethinking people seem threatening from the limited perspective of fear. A fearful person wants to control everything. Fear puts leashes on people and cages around thoughts. On the other hand, the voice of the heart always speaks the truth of your soul, but it can seem irrational, and the paths that it proposes feel exciting and sometimes downright scary.

At the beginning, the two voices intermingle. For instance, the heart might propose an idea that the fear-based mind calls crazy and dangerous. When that happens, just listen to both voices in detached silence. Allow the voice of the heart grow louder, as it will over time as you continue to listen to it. Finally, you will just know what to do, and you will simply find yourself doing what the heart proposes without question.

You will find your individual truth and speak it fearlessly. How do you know it is your truth? The key is in how ideas and insights just seem to come to you: suddenly you will have an insight that seems to come from nowhere. You have never heard it before, but it resonates with you at a deep level.

Someone recently asked me (in reference to speaking my truth): “How do you deal with fear?” I replied, “The message has grown larger than my fear. My mission has grown larger than my fear.” This is really strange, because before this change I had no mission, and would have looked at anyone askance if they had proposed that I could have a purpose beyond my own personal development.

Something I have noticed in the last few years is that time is speeding up. In fact, time is accelerating year by year at an exponential rate. Each year seems twice as fast as the year before. Time is faster now than it was in the summer of 2008, and it was faster then than the beginning of the year. Now, like the Red Queen in “Through the Looking Glass,” we are virtually flying over the ground.

What does this mean? It means that we don’t have any more time to be afraid to follow our hearts and do what we are meant to do. We no longer have much time to dilly-dally around doing things that don’t serve us or anyone else. How much longer do you think you would have wanted to work at your old job? Check with your heart: weren’t you really glad when you lost it?

What better time to build that new green business, meet new people, sail around the world, have a child, adopt a baby, take loving care of your elderly parents, start a new career, take up photography, make a movie, climb Mt Everest, learn to ski, go on a archeological dig, teach reading, found a charity, start a school, go on a vision quest or walkabout, or just sit still and meditate.

The time to do what your heart wants is now, because these days mark the beginning of the end of time: as time accelerates toward the speed of light we will finally run out of time. Soon, we will have finally arrived at the finish line of the now. That day will mark the end of the tyranny of time. No longer will you mark your days with a clock, instead, your day will be as long as you want it to be; instead of marking time, spending time, wasting time, or running out of time, you will be able to make time to be whatever you want to be.

The end of time will come when we finally do whatever makes us most happy, when we are finally here and now. When we follow our hearts, which always tell us true, we become timeless and eternal. And so the paradigm shifts, time ends, and your real life can finally begin.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr

Written on the equinox of the Spring of 2009, March 21, 2009.


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