Create What You Want Using Passion, Persistence and Patience

How does a creative thought manifest? There are three elements in this transformation.

The first element is Passion. Without Passion nothing can be created. Passion is the drive for something that is not yet here, a search for that something Other; a longing for a thought that flew into your head and left as suddenly as it came, trailing a tantalizing scent of possibility.

Manifestation involves movement or change, it is the point of creativity; creativity is proof of our movement in thought.

A person in their creative power understands the use of passion. When you are in-passioned you feel good, there is a buzz of energy that circulates in your body and needs expression – “x” meaning external and “pression” meaning pressed or made to travel. Expression therefore means to travel outside, or to move from the point of origin.

The energy of passion travels outside into the world through the vehicle of expression. Expression allows the energy of passion to manifest the object of desire.

Passion is the most important element in the process of manifestation. In fact, at another level, it is the only necessary element. Perhaps one day, perhaps even soon, we will arrive at that point where passion is all we need. However, because we still live in a system of time, space and history, we need to understand how to use the second and third elements of manifestation.

The second element is Persistence. Persistence is sustained interest, dedication, attention and service to the first element, Passion. Think of Passion as a flame that you light: it can be a brief, intense fire that burns everything in its circumference. Or you can build a fire that lasts by carefully banking the embers, shielding the fire and feeding the flames.

Without Persistence, the flame of your Passion may be noticed, but soon forgotten. Who is the observer of your Passion? I like to say that the universe responds to the three P’s, but in reality, you are the only one here, and it is you who has to notice and believe in your Passion. That is achieved by sheer, unremitting Persistence.

Your sustained persistence is the boat that will transport you to the object of your desire. It is your sustained interest, unselfish dedication, unlimited attention and service to your Passion that brings about the manifestation of a creative thought. You may think that attainment is what you seek, but that is not the point at all. Deep down, your soul craves the movement of creative thought. It is very energizing to experience the journey of an inspiration from its inception to its fulfillment. You enjoy the entire creative process without feeling a single want or need. The process is what nourishes and sustains you.

The final element is Patience. Patience is knowing what you are waiting for, and enjoying the anticipation as much as the fulfillment. Patience is knowing that the promise of your initial inspiration will be fulfilled. How do you know? You have the Passion, the Persistence, and the knowing in your bones. A woman knows that there is a time for conception and a time for birth; she knows what true patience is: Patience is joyous anticipation. Patience knows that at the right time, what you have envisioned will appear, and you are content in the delicious anticipation of the fulfillment of your desires.

When these elements are working in perfect harmony, you cannot fail, because the experience of these three qualities puts you in the quantum moment of both desire and fulfillment. Passion is the current, Persistence is time, and Patience is knowing. Set your inspiration in the river of Passion release it to flow in the current of Persistence, and patiently know that you will eventually come to the shore of your desire.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr

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