Aliyah Marr, author of Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity offers a new seminar on “applied” or practical creativity. She will show participants how to apply the creative principles to specific problems and situations at work.

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Do you have a need for creative thought or innovation at work? How do you generate truly out-of-the-box ideas?

This seminar leads you down the rabbit-hole of creative thought. Author and creative director Aliyah Marr brings in her experience as designer, artist and author to bear on the practical aspects of the creative experience.

“Creativity at Work” is a seminar on how to think creatively, even while under the pressure of a deadline or intense competition. True creativity and innovation cannot be achieved by staying within a rigid problem-based structure. This seminar enables you to escape the structure so you can do your thinking outside the box.

Aliyah Marr has engineered a unique “envisioning process” that is a key component of her free-style form of brainstorming. In addition, she has a more analytical approach that enables participants to take the techniques that she demonstrates and implement them immediately for fast results.

Marr teaches creativity from an experiential standpoint: members have the opportunity to participate in an “envisioning session” and brainstorm a solution to one or more of the members’ actual problems. She uses a unique and fun visual and metaphoric approach to define and describe the creative process, which help to cement the process in the minds of the participants.


  • The envisioning process
  • Levels and kinds of applied creativity
  • General principles of practical creativity
  • Practical creative techniques
  • How to apply the right kind of creative thought in every situation
  • How to facilitate a brainstorm session
  • How to create an internal think-tank

Benefits to Members: Members of the conference will be able to think outside the box at will, discern which kind of creative thinking is needed at what time, and how to apply a brainstorm process to a problem at hand.

This seminar is for business people and entrepreneurs who wish to understand the nature, value and process of creativity; for those who, while they may not need to be creative themselves, need to understand how to evaluate, hire, and nurture creativity at work.

Biography: Aliyah Marr is the author of “Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.” She has taught design and marketing for over 15 years at top design schools in New York City: Parsons, The New School, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts. Marr has led seminars and corporate training events for over 10 years. She has produced tutorials for Nautilus CD Magazine, and, and authored articles for trade magazines on self-development, design and marketing. Currently the creative director for an action-sports TV show, she has worked in print, video, film and interactive media for a Fortune 100 client list.

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