Are you ready to live the life you were meant to live? Do you dream of a life filled with magic and adventure? Whatever you can dream is available to you, but first you must know how to use your creative potential.

This lecture is for a broad audience: from the professional creative to thecount person who would like to be more creative in their daily or professional lives.

Artist, designer, poet Aliyah Marr has produced the world’s first book on the process of creativity told from the standpoint of the visual artist. Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity reveals how you, as a creative individual, can mold your life with the power of your thoughts and how those thoughts can be used to create whatever you want in life.

Art is so much more than mere self-expression or an exploration of mental/emotional issues. Author Aliyah Marr introduces the revolutionary concept (to anyone else but an artist!) that art can serve not only as a tool for personal self-development, but it is humanity’s preeminent tool for the evolution of consciousness.

This lecture introduces key concepts in the book, Parallel Mind:

— innate vs. conscious creativity
— pure creativity (non-commercial art) vs. applied creativity (everything else)
— the four bodies of the human energy field and how they work to create health or disease
— the science of creativity

Aliyah Marr’s lectures are like her art: spontaneous, joyful explorations of the moment. Her teaching method is at once gently playful and fun. Expect to be invited to explore some of her concepts through deceptively simple in-class exercises that will bring you to a new point of view, inspire the flow of creative thinking, unblock your blocks and transport you to the next level in your own development. We will explore the power of creative thought and see how it can impel you to excel in any medium, in any field, or any subject.

This lecture gives you the tools to achieve your dreams, whether you are a creative professional, a student of art, or someone interested in personal development; it answers some essential questions, the most important being: what is creativity, and how can it bring me freedom and happiness?

So I ask you: when will you allow yourself the life you deserve? A voice is whispering in your ear: today is the day.

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at: Copies of the book, and the author’s Transformational Tarot interactive game will be available to attendees.

Educated at the famous École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France, Aliyah Marr is a multimedia artist, graphic designer, and educator. She has explored painting, design, artistic gymnastics, sculpture, music, dance, poetry, prose, theater, and improvisational humor. As a visual artist, she works in a variety of mediums from painting and sculpture through to interactive art and video art.

A graphic designer with a stellar client list of Fortune 100 companies, the author is a creative consultant for companies and entrepreneurs. As an educator, she has taught graphic design, art, interactive programming, and new media at three top design schools in New York City.

Aliyah Marr
author / speaker / imaginator
creative consultant and coach

Author of “Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity (artwork)