I have sent press releases, sample chapters and the ebook version to various names in the fields of personal development, psychology, creative development, and science. My list of recipients of my manuscript now numbers over 100 people. Yesterday, noted theoretical nuclear and quantum physicist, Amit Goswami requested a copy of the Parallel Mind manuscript.

Amit Goswami is best known for his interview in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and for his book, “The Self-Aware Universe.” He is one of the scientists whose work I admire, and who’s philosophy most matches my own.

There are others on my list who have networks that extend to other interviewees on “What the Bleep” and to the movie “The Secret.” Another contact knows someone who works with Jack Canfield, and another knows someone who worked with Tony Robbins.

Michael Port, marketing guru and author of “Book Yourself Solid™” has added his blurb to my book.

Ah, viral marketing at work. My book is a virus, or rather, the premise of the book is a virus; everyone is creative, we just have to learn to develop and use our power of creativity for positive change. Let’s all catch the creative influenza!