“Aliyah Marr has clearly and eloquently tackled the subject of creativity. I am particularly impressed with her understanding of attention and its fundamental role in the creative process. Her book will serve as a fundamental text in the field of creativity.”

— Les Fehmi, Ph.D., author of The Open-Focus Brain. www.openfocus.com

“As a marketer and creator of the Book Yourself Solid™ system, I know the value of creative thinking; it can make or break a business. “Parallel Mind” contains invaluable information on how to release the mental and emotional blocks that most of us encounter in creating a new business and in marketing ourselves. Highly recommended.”

— Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid™ & Beyond Booked Solid

“An enlightened, engaging and provocative look at how to blend creativity and personal pursuits for a truly fulfilling life. Must reading.”

— David Heenan, author of Flight Capital and Double Lives: Crafting Your Life of Work and Passion for Untold Success Stories of Extraordinary Achievement

“This book is about the life-changing power of the creative spirit, but it will also be relevant to those who primarily work with their left brain. As Marr shows, we all have deep reserves of creativity that we can draw upon to transform not only the way we interact with the world around us, but also the very thoughts and emotions that determine our reality. Aliyah Marr’s ideas are provocative, even challenging, but she presents them in vivid, accessible arguments supported by an eclectic assortment of quotations from philosophers, theologians, and other famous figures. Parallel Mind contains the rare gift of a new, necessary angle on contemporary life.”

— Benjamin Kessler, playwright and managing editor of Graphics.com

“As a person with autism, my visual thinking mind finds unexpected associations that help me invent new ideas. Parallel Mind will give you lots of new ways to look at old problems.”

— Temple Grandin, author, Thinking in Pictures

“Like a master weaver, Aliyah has gracefully woven together all aspects of ourselves — the child, the adult, our emotions, our unacknowledged feelings, and internal vision. With a masterful blend of science, metaphors, wisdom, quotes, and storytelling skill she brings the magic carpet of creativity to life. When all is integrated we become the creative masters of our lives.”

— Sharon Lund, Author and International Speaker, The Integrated Being: Techniques to Heal the Mind-Body-Spirit