I wish to thank the readers of this blog for their interest and support.

It has been exciting to publish my book online as I wrote it; I know that many people were following my blog, reading my book as I wrote it. I thank those readers for their patience as I took entire chapters down, edited and rearranged the content. During this year of writing Parallel Mind, it was my intention that the reader have a peek into my life as an artist. After all, it is a book on creativity, why not let the reader see the creative process in action? I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoyed reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I hope you will come back to see the progress of Parallel Mind as it goes to print. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile why don’t you play my online Tarot?

Transformational Tarot by Aliyah Marr

If you decide to buy Transformational Tarot on CD, and you mention that you heard of the Tarot through the Parallel Mind blog, I will ship a signed copy of Transformational Tarot to you.